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Giel York  Tobacco Corporation

Jacobs Tobacco Company is now the exclusive manufacturer of Bronco cigarettes. Both it's Manufacturing and Primary Processing facility are a Native American owned and operated entity located on the Sovereign Territory of the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation in Akwesasne NY. It's mission is to produce the highest level of quality tobacco products and service for all of Giel York Tobacco's domestic and international markets. Jacobs Tobacco Company Manufacturing utilizes a premium grade of predominantly U.S. grown tobacco that is FDA approved through Giel York's licensed and Grandfathered Bronco Blend to maintain the highest levels of tobacco quality. Their friendly staff works closely with Giel York personal to meet full regulatory compliance and to insure timely and accurate delivery of product. Jacobs Tobacco Company Manufacturing has the capability to also meet all of Giel York's international variations of tobacco product requirements and can export to all internationally compliant countries.

Giel York Tobacco

This is Bronco Nation...- Jolie Schae

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